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About Me


A little about me.

Years ago when I began traveling and camping with my motorcycle, I started exploring ways to carry my gear.  I did purchase aluminum panniers for my current bike, but I needed a little more.  Since I am an engineer and a welder, I decided to start making aluminum boxes.  This has evolved into a business of making panniers, top boxes, and pillion seat boxes for me and other avid adventure riders.  

What I make.

I primarily make panniers, top boxes and pillion seat boxes for motorcycles. I also make custom boxes for any use. All my boxes can be custom made to my customers’ requirements. This is my specialty.


All of my boxes are hand made from aluminum of various thicknesses, but normally 2mm (.08”). All seams are bent/folded or welded, making for an exceptionally strong box. All boxes are sealed for weatherproofing and all fasteners are stainless steel to protect from corrosion. I offer any color in smooth or textured finishes. Bare aluminum finish is available.


I can design and create aluminum boxes to meet your needs for any purpose. Send me an email and see what we can create together.

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